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Dongwu machine won the national energy administration
Super (super) criticality thermal power unit has significant effect of energy saving and improvement of the environment, the coal consumption is low, the environmental protection performance is good, high technical content, is the development direction of thermal power equipment.At present in the developed countries it has been widely research and application, but because of a late start in our country, this kind of high-end valve basic dependent on imports, according to statistics, a 1000 mw super (super) criticality unit has more than 500 high-end valves and only 10% from the domestic procurement.
Against such a situation, under the impetus of the national energy administration, in April last year, domestic 17 valve manufacturing enterprises carry on the localization of the standard, and march to high thermal power valve.Wujiang city dongwu mechanical limited liability company to undertake the super (super) criticality thermal power unit superheater import and export of the relief valve localization work.January 7 to 8, 2012, the national energy administration and China valve association at the annual meeting of the product identification in dalian, soochow machinery of the super (super) criticality safety valve for thermal power unit product has won the acceptance of experts attending the meeting, and passed the appraisal.On September 2, 2012, was held in Beijing the super (super) criticality of thermal power unit key mechanical valve localization work conference dongwu obtained the honorary certificate issued by the national energy administration.And wujiang dongwu machinery became the start of super (super) criticality thermal power unit in the third class key valve localization of one of the manufacturers.