Customer Results
Main reference list
 一、Nuclear power safety valve
Pakistan chashma nuclear power plant phase ii main steam safety valve: 8 sets, DN200 900lb
Qinshan nuclear power station phase ii expansion project BNI safety valve: 111 sets, DN8~DN80, 150~1500lb
Fuqing nuclear power station phase I BNI safety valve: 188 sets, DN8~DN100, 150lb~1500lb
Fangjiashan nuclear power station BNI safety valve: 188 sets, DN8~DN100, 150lb~1500lb
Hainan Changjiang nuclear power station BNI safety valve: 176 sets, DN8~DN100, 150lb~1500lb
AP1000 Sanmeng phase I PV16 ancillary relief valve: 42 sets, DN25~DN80, 150lb~2500lb
Pakistan chashma nuclear power plant phase 3&4 main steam safety valve: 16 sets, DN200, 900lb
Xudabao phase I ancillary relief valve: 100 sets, DN25~DN80, 150lb~2500lb
High temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project helium isolation valve: 13 sets,DN25, 150lb~1500lb
K2K3 main steam safety valve: 21 sets, DN200, 900lb
Taishan nuclear power station ci M35 safety valve: 68 sets, DN25~DN200, 150lb~600lb
Fuqing nuclear power plant unit 5& 6 BNI relief valve: 201 sets, DN8~DN80, 150lb~1500lb
Pakistan K2 / K3 project NSSS, BNI, negative pressure relief valve: 263 sets, DN8~DN100, 150lb~1500lb
Fujian zhangzhou NSSS safety valve: 30 sets, DN15~DN80, 150lb~900lb
Tianwan nuclear power plant expansion project unit 5& 6 BNI safety valve: 176 sets, DN8~DN80, 150lb~1500lb
二、Conventional valve 
Sichuan petroleum administration bureau decarburization, hydrocarbon and other supplies corporation desulfurization device safety valve: 142 sets, DN20~DN200, PN1.6~4.0
Petrochina dalian petrochemical company 200000 hydrogen plant safety valve device: 141 sets, 3/4″~10”, 150 ~ 600Lb
Petrochina fushun petrochemical company 800000 tons/year ethylene expansion project of 800000 tons/year high density polyethylene safety valve device: 115 sets, 3/4″~4”, 150 ~ 300Lb。
China petroleum pipeline engineering co., Ltd Murtha than Bella oil product terminal project: 94 sets, 3/4”, DN100, 150lb
10 million tons of oil in guangxi petrochemical/oil refining project in tank farm safety valve: 89 sets, 1”~3”, 150lb~300lb
Ningbo engineering company in fujian refining ethylene project IGCC plant safety valve: 88 sets, 3/4”~6”, 150lb~2500lb
Petrochina jilin petrochemical company 70000 tons/year ethylene propylene rubber expansion project the first phase of the relief valve: 81 sets, 1”~6”, 150~300lb
Sinopec Shanghai engineering co., LTD., fujian refining ethylene project package 3 relief valve:: 66 sets, 1”~8”, 150lb~600lb
        Petrochina guangxi petrochemical 10 million tons/year aromatics extraction oil refining project safety valve: 61 sets, 3/4”~3”, 150lb~300lb
Dalian west Pacific petrochemical co., LTD., the sulfur recovery unit safety valve: 16 sets, DN80~DN150, 150lb~1500lb
Dalian petrochemical 300 x104t/h residue hydrodesulfurization unit safety valve: 87 sets, DN25~DN200, 150lb~1500lb
Fujian refining &chemical co., LTD. 400000 tons/year polypropylene device relief valve: 86 sets, DN80~DN150, 150lb~1500lb
Dalian west Pacific petrochemical co., LTD. 150 x 104 t/aSSRS process heterogeneous cracking unit to produce steam system relief valve / 60000 nm3 / h hydrogen plant: 37 sets, 3/4”~8”, 150lb~600lb
Sichuan LuTianHua methanol device co., LTD., the relief valve: 55 sets, DN25~DN150, 150lb~1500lb
China east China survey and design institute of petroleum and natural gas coking device 240 * 104 t/A delayed coking device relief valve: 38 sets, 1”~6”, 150lb~600lb