Maintenance and Upkeep of Safety Valve
In order to ensure the reliable work of safety valve and extension of service life of safety valve, accomplish the following in use:
1. Regularly check whether there is leakage, jamming or spring corrosion and other abnormalities for the operating safety valve, and pay attention to observing whether the lock nut of set screw of adjusting thread insert and adjusting ring is loose or not. Once the problems are found, immediately take appropriate measures.
2. Regularly remove the safety valve for thorough cleaning, check and re-grind, and re-use after set pressure.
3. The appropriate protective measures should be taken to the safety valves installed outdoors, to prevent the intrusion of rain, fog, dust, rust and other dirt into safety valve and discharge pipe. When it is less than 0℃ for the surroundings, the necessary antifreezing measures should also be taken to ensure the reliability of the action of safety valve.
Product after-sales service commitment:
1.     Warranty: 18 months from the date of shipment or 12 months after installation, whichever occurs firstly
2.     This product under normal operating conditions prescribed by the installation and maintenance manual, and in the warranty period, the quality problem, repair or replacement free of charge by the company.Beyond warranty period or not according to installation and maintenance manuals, quality problems caused by the maintenance or replacement according to certain fees charged fees, the user provides the company related staff accommodation and convenient.
3.     If the product is in use process fails, the company or other way after notification to the user's phone, within 48 hours, the company's after-sales service personnel rushed to the scene, and cooperate to solve the problem.
4.     After-sales service telephone: 086-0512-6329 2933 or contact our sales staff directly