About Us
Wujiang Dongwu Machinery Co (DWMC) is a private limited company, which was founded in 1954 and situated at Wujiang City, China, and its 50 Kilometers motorway to Shanghai and 110 Kilometers motorway to Hangzhou. In the past of more than 50 years history, DWMC mainly focused on inside market by continually committing herself to the research and development of new product and new process, and the continuous improvement of product inherent quality. This made DWMC become the biggest pressure relief valve (PRV) manufacturer in China, and one of the two only nuclear safety valve manufacturers in China.
DWMC main product lines include: conventional spring-loaded and balanced-below pressure relief valve (PRV), pilot-operated PRVs, main stream safety valve, cryogenic safety valve, changeover safety valve, safety relief valve and pressure vent valve etc., which can meet Chinese Standard or API/ASME Standard, and the size from DN8 to DN500, the pressure from vacuum service minus 295Pa gauge to +42.54MPa, the temperature from -268 degree C to +550 degree C, and the material from conventional carbon steel, low alloy steel, high-temp alloy steel, stainless steel to special alloy steel, such as duplex steel, nickel-based steel. At present all kinds of these PRVs were being the wide application of oil & gas upstream exploitation field and downstream refinery, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, fuel & nuclear power plant.
With the opening of a brand-new plant with area 30,000sqm and building area 24,000squm at the beginning of 2011, DWMC yearly production capacity is up to 30,000 pieces PRS or USD50 million. In order to ensure customer requirement effectively & efficiently identified, transferred, performed and confirmed, DWMC introduced the most advanced equipment & facilities, including SAP ERP system, OA system, lots of CNC machining, PMI tester, PT/MT tester, spring tester, cold entire performance test lab and so on, in addition, one national stream entire performance test center with the investment of USD10+ million is being built and will be opened by the end of 2012. Total employees have 180+, thereof 4 senior engineers, 15 engineers and 11 assistant engineers.
DWMC’s quality policy is zero defects. Company quality system is certified by ISO 9001, HSE, manufacture license of special equipment, design & manufacture of nuclear PRD, and periodic measurement assurance. From supplier audit, subcontract technical spec, incoming inspection, process control to finished PRV inspection & test, all steps are strictly documented, inspected & tested and recorded, so as to ensure the effective operation of traceability quality system.
Main clients include CNPC & its subsidiaries, Sinopec & its subsidiaries, national nuclear power plants, and DWMC is continuously evaluated as annual qualified supplier by many refineries and Jiangsu nuclear power plant.