Company History
1May, 1954, The company predecessor Wujiang valve tool Co., Ltd was established
2May, 1998, DWMC was  finished strypped-down to establish modern enterprise system, and to become a modern enterprise company;
3Dec, 1998, DWMC got the certificate of quality management system certification ISO9001
4May, 2002, DWMC got the Manufacture License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China
5Sep., 2004, DWMC got the Design and Manufacture License of Nuclear PRD
6Oct., 2004, Exemption Enterprise
7July, 2005, Main steam safety valve and auxiliary system safety valve of grad 2, 3 was passed by CMIF and Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency
8Aug., 2006, DWMC got the Jiangsu Torchlight Programs and National Torchlight Programs
9Dec,. 2008, Safety valve products of the company to be included in the national supervision and inspection of product quality is stable qualified brands;
10April, 2009, DWMC got Certification of China national petroleum corporation material suppliers
11Sep., 2009, DWMC got the Design and Manufacture License of Nuclear PRD
12Dec, 2009, Spring loaded safety valve was gotten the Brand-name products in jiangsu province
13Jan., 2010, Suzhou city technology bureau recognized for suzhou valve engineering technology research center;
14Feb., 2010, signed an agreement with east China university of science and technology, cooperation development is suitable for the petrochemical, electric power (including nuclear power), and other industries of high temperature and high pressure relief valve and nuclear power voltage regulator, main steam safety valve hot all the performance test device;
15April, 2010, was awarded the title of suzhou harmonious labor relations enterprise;
16August, 2010, through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification;
17Sep. 2010, was identified as high-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprise certificate
18October, 2010, the army through the network to purchasing information release certification;
19December 2010, by OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification;
20January 2011, and combining the neway valve, work together to build the international first-class brand of safety valve;
21May, 2011, 120 million investment in the modern standard of the new plant put into use
22Sep 2012, because of the super (super) criticality thermal power unit key valve localization work made an important contribution, won the national energy bureau recognition;
23January 2013, become a member of the Chinese nuclear power industry association council
24November 2013, by suzhou safety bureau audit, standardization of work safety certificate
25December 2013, realize the annual sales income of $one hundred million for the first time
26Feb., 2014, the investment of more than 2014 ten thousand yuan of the preparation of 450 , 25 mpa hot all performance test device through the acceptance and put into use
27April, 2014, approved by the original certification center certification of qualified, to obtain the nuclear group of qualified supplier certificate
28May 2015, was awarded A grade credit unit of labor security